Being a man of purpose. Being a man of God. Being a man who lives with passion and direction in everything he does. Trey Simon strives to be the best version of himself.

Born on April 13th, 1993 in Rochester Hills, MI, Trey, the son of an African-American man and white woman of Danish descent, spent many years trying to figure out who he was and what his place was in this world.

“When I hung out with my white friends, I was black. When I hung out with my black friends, I was white. It’s hard to figure out who you are when everyone keeps saying you’re something and doesn’t embrace you.”

Luckily, in the midst of that struggle, Trey found music.

“I told my Uncle Todd one day, that I want to play guitar. He said, ‘Let me show you something.’ He pulled out this case with an old Gibson that had belonged to my grandfather. He told me, ‘I’ll let you take this, if you learn how to play it.’”

Through music, Trey was able to find an outlet where he could deal with the things going on around him: his struggle to figure out his identity, his parents’ divorce, and at one point, homelessness.

It took two years after high school for Trey get on his feet. He got a job at a coffee shop. He found a stable place to live. He developed his songwriting and singing voice. He started booking local shows, and eventually he worked his way up to opening for the likes of Andy Allo, Nick Thomas, Andy Grammar and Andra Day.  But it was Stokley Williams of the band Mint Condition who pulled him aside one night and said, “Trey, stay faithful. You need to know that people’s lives are connected to what you are doing. Stay purposeful and go get it.”

Today, with those words in mind, Trey strives to create intimate moments with his audiences during performances, through his music and in his life.

After recording his first EP Entitled What the Future Holds in 2014, Trey is now ready to take on a full album project, music videos, touring and speaking engagements.

Every moment, every breath, every triumph and every challenge pushes Trey toward being a man of purpose, passion and direction; The best version of himself.

Look for Trey Simon’s Full Album in Fall 2017